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About us


Tuberis srl is a young company born from Alberto's desire and need to express at an entrepreneurial level the passion with which he has lived the last 25 years of work in the world of potatoes, and to try to convey the values of the many friends he met in this path, enhancing personal relationships, which in business today many trample.

Thanks to this work, I was able to meet fantastic people and landscapes, create relationships that go beyond working friendships, in order not to forget someone, I want to greet a person who... Hello Sebastian and... thank you.

The friendship with Giuseppe meant that all this could be achieved professionally and in a tangible way, creating a new company, Tuberis srl, young and dynamic, and with an excellent wealth of experience in the field of Seed Potatoes and Potatoes for fresh consumption.
In addition to Seed Potatoes, with exclusive agreements on the national territory, the company deals with Consumer Potatoes, Onions and Shallots with the possibility of Import-Export.
The Tuberis srl company is the exclusive agent for Italy of the monopoly varieties of AGROPLANT nl.


Alberto Roncagli